AudioEQ Released

AudioEQ Released


SMN in the news: AudioEQ released: The AudioEQ our own version of the venerable swiss army knife.

The AudioEQ board functions out of the box as a two channel differential input analog signal buffer, aka diff-amp.   Single ended inputs and/or outputs can be selected with a quick jumper change.

Inverting outputs can be selected with a jumper change.

A summing junction is available which allows configuration of the filter inputs to be a summed signal from the channel inputs.  This is especially helpful for creating an active crossover

While shipped as a unity gain buffer, the gain resistors can be easily changed to implement customized gain.

The design layout includes components for two full biquads on each channel as well as high-peak and passive filter sections.  Design your own filters and equalizers and simply populate the appropriate parts for a full custom design.  Fairly complex filters can be implemented for a variety of purposes.

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