SoundsCape Development Goals Completed

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The SMN dev team has completed development of the final operation mode for the SoundsCape audio and Bluetooth interface for Beaglebone.  This mode allows the Beaglebone to function as an A2DP source, delivering audio to a standard Bluetooth speaker. See the video on our Kickstarter page:


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  1. jkridner

    Are you still making this?

    • jgmadd0x

      Hi Jason:
      Sorry for the delay in answering, I have been out of the country for 2 weeks and just caught your message. We are getting ready to do a fresh run of the boards. These will be Rev 2.0 which has been modified to coexist with an LCD cape, and has level shifters added to provide a more reliable BT interface. The boards are essentially built to order now, but if you wanted some I could add them in to the current build at $69 each.

      John Maddox

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