Versatile OP-Amp based Audio EQ module.

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More than an op-amp breakout boared, the SMN AudioEQ is a versatile analog buffering and filtering circuit.  The board is delivered as a fully functional stereo audio buffer with unity gain, and 20-20,000Hz bandwidth.  Ideal for developers and enthusiasts who want to experiment with advanced filtering and equalization circuits.

Key Features of the SMN Audio EQ include:

  • Low noise TL072 op-amps
  • Dedicated Differential Input Buffers
  • Inverted Output
  • Differential Output
  • Two full Opamp based Biquad filters per channel
  • Hipeak feedback circuits
  • 0603 & larger parts for easy soldering
  • Passive shelf filtering
  • TLE2462 based virtual ground for single supply operation
  • Operation from 5V-24VDC input
  • 0603 & larger parts for easy soldering

The SMN AudioEQ can easily be modified for a variety of additional purposes including the following applications:

  • Differential Measurement Buffer/Signal Conditioner
  • Microphone Preamp
  • Crossover Filter
  • BiAmplifier Signal Conditioning
  • SubWoofer Preamp
  • Channel Equalization
  • Sallen-Key Filter
  • Allpass Filtering

The AudioEQ has a gold version or can also be purchased as a bare PCB

AudioEQ-Rev3 Schematic

AudioEQ User Manual

AudioEQ LTspice Circuit

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Check our blog for additional projects and ideas on how to use the AudioEQ board.

Upgrade your AudioEQ with a black anodized aluminum enclosure and printed end panels!

Custom versions are possible for an NRE fee.  Possible modifications include alternate op-amps and/or custom designed filters.  Contact us for details.

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