Circuit board detail
Specialized product example.

Simple Media Networks is a developer of technical solutions for electronic products. We specialize in development of networking interfaces for audio and video data transmission and control. In addition we have a well rounded team who can support all aspects of product design and development.

Our business is based upon a mix of consulting services and OEM products for other developers.

As an OEM we supply our network interfaces and firmware to clients developing products using WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, MOST, Ethernet, Cobranet, and iPod protocols.

As an engineering services company we provide expertise in electronics, software, and mechanical design for embedded systems.  We develop products for our clients, or find and fix problems with audio noise, EMC, EMI, etc in their existing designs.  We provide diverse expertise in system architecture, communications, signal processing, power electronics, hardware and firmware design. We have developed products for many industries including automotive, aircraft, medical, consumer, and are ready to apply those same skills to your design challenges.

We want to be your development partner for new and existing products. Contact Simple Media Networks to discuss your current and future projects.