SMN on Amazon

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We are pleased to announce that select products from Simple Media Networks are now available from Amazon!  AudioEQ & AudioEQ Gold Active Filter Development Boards are currently available.  SoundsCape for BeagleBone is coming soon.  We expect that customers will benefit … Read More

SoundsCape Development Goals Completed

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The SMN dev team has completed development of the final operation mode for the SoundsCape audio and Bluetooth interface for Beaglebone.  This mode allows the Beaglebone to function as an A2DP source, delivering audio to a standard Bluetooth speaker. See … Read More

Kickstarter update

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A note to our Kickstarter supporters: As we head into the final stretch, it looks doubtful that we will reach our goal.  We have learned a lot from the campaign and will hopefully run another product in the near future.  … Read More