SMN on Amazon

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We are pleased to announce that select products from Simple Media Networks are now available from Amazon!  AudioEQ & AudioEQ Gold Active Filter Development Boards are currently available.  SoundsCape for BeagleBone is coming soon.  We expect that customers will benefit … Read More

Power Supply Requirements

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Power supply requirements for an audio system are far from trivial.  The supply must be able to provide sustained power based upon the average current draw of the system.  It must also supply peak currents based upon the signal levels, … Read More

Channel Output Power

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I am often asked what impedance speaker a client will need, or how much output power a design will produce.  Channel output power is dependent upon several factors.  The dominant factors are power supply voltage, and speaker impedance.  The following … Read More

Mod a TPA3116 amp for Mono Mode

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When prototyping a new speaker system, I recently picked up the Yuan-Jing TPA3116 amplifier at Parts-Express. As mentioned in our Diff Input Mod, the TPA311x amplifier ICs from TI are a great series of parts which provide high efficiency amplification … Read More

Mods You Can Use

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I am always looking for quick ways to prove out my ideas.  Often this means buying something that is close to what I want and tweaking it to get the results and performance I am looking for.  In the mods … Read More

SoundsCape Development Goals Completed

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The SMN dev team has completed development of the final operation mode for the SoundsCape audio and Bluetooth interface for Beaglebone.  This mode allows the Beaglebone to function as an A2DP source, delivering audio to a standard Bluetooth speaker. See … Read More

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