Simple Media Networks is a developer of technical solutions for electronic products. We provide diverse expertise in system architecture, communications, signal processing, power electronics, hardware and firmware design. We have developed products for many industries including automotive, aircraft, medical, consumer, and are ready to apply those same skills to other industries as well. Learn more.

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SMN on Amazon


We are pleased to announce that select products from Simple Media Networks are now available from Amazon!  AudioEQ & AudioEQ Gold Active Filter Development Boards are currently available.  SoundsCape for BeagleBone is coming... Read More

AudioEQ Released


SMN in the news: AudioEQ released: The AudioEQ our own version of the venerable swiss army knife. The AudioEQ board functions out of the box as a two channel differential input analog signal... Read More

Power Supply Requirements


Power supply requirements for an audio system are far from trivial.  The supply must be able to provide sustained power based upon the average current draw of the system.  It must also supply... Read More